SP15 “bearer controlled form roller support system” + nylon wipers

I’m hoping to clarify a few SP15 related mysteries. Apologies in advance for the multiple reference photos….

My SP15 is a 1966 model, on which I’m installing a newly recovered set of rollers. Upon checking some online resources, I see photos of SP15s sporting a double pair of nylon rollers that appear to assist the form rollers travel down the bed rails.

Here is an image of a 1966 Vandercook brochure, courtesy of an interrobang’s flickr set (thanks!). See the upper left corner photo and description Michael helpfully posted:

A reduced version of Vandercook’s SP15 manual, page 283:

Vandercook SP15 manual pg 283

And a photo of an SP15 I found in the models area of this site:

SP15 "WITH" bearer support system

My questions:
– WAS THIS BEARER SUPPORT SYSTEM introduced at a later date than 1966?

– Or did the previous owner of my press perhaps omit to reassemble this system from lack of available parts?

– Is there much to be gained from such a support system? Seems like it would give the ink distribution a smoother ride…

. . .
From viewing the next photos of my press in it’s present condition, could someone tell me if such support rollers could be installed if they could be found?

Also, comparing manual page 283 and my press photos, notice the lack of nylon wipers alongside the wiper springs… Can these be found today? Fritz? Can’t see them on NAGRAPH.com… My guess is that my springs are presently set to act as the nylon wipers. They just about graze the rails, should I back them up?

Thank you all for your time spent answering my numerous questions!
Regards, Yvon

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Fritz Klinke
13 years ago

Need serial number to determine what accessories may have been original to this press. The form roller support system was also available as a field install on presses. I have way too many Vandercook parts to list them on the web site, and recently we have added the most common ones like the LB-7 and some Nyliners, cylinder trip springs, etc. The inking system on the SP series was a light weight in design compared to the much more substantial 2-part system used on the previous models like the #4 and 219 being excellent examples of better inking systems, except for the difficult and overly complex #4 form roller clutch system–the Vandercook engineers worked overtime making that way more complex than it needed to be, but the SP series took it too far the opposite direction, in my opinion.


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