Uni I manual follow up

Hi Folks , Many thanks to all who responded to my earlier post. I have found some of the gripper bar parts, and have been told that there may be others somewhere in a garage of a previous owner so I’m chasing that up before committing to a newly fabricated one. I’ll post a picture […]

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Uni I manual

Hi folks, I have just acquired a very sad Universal I AB which from a first look is missing a few parts. I am hoping to get it back in good order but really don’t know how I will even be able to make a start without a reasonably detailed manual. Is there such a […]

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Errant ink

Hello Vanderblog Friends, I’m hoping someone can help me solve a problem I’ve been having with ink being where it’s not supposed to be. The piece I’m printing has two lines on which I’m getting flecks of errant ink. The problem occurs no matter how much ink I have on the rollers, and the ink […]

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