Road Trip

I’m planning to drive to the Ladies of Letterpress conference in Mt Pleasant IA in June 27-29. My route will put me on I-55 from Jackson MS through Memphis and near St Louis. If anyone is interested in my making a Vandercook service call along the way, send me a message via the contact page.

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Tympan Sources

I’m looking for a source for tympan to use on my Vandercooks. I don’t mind having to cut it down. Are there any suppliers that still stock or produce .006 oiled tympan like the old Cromwell material? Thanks, Daniel Morris The Arm Letterpress Brooklyn, NY

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SP-15 Cylinder issue

Greetings! This is my first time posting on here. I have small issue with my SP-15, on the return it’s printing on the cylinder on the side that is closest to me (I guess that would be the left side of the cylinder). I know it has something to do with the return because this doesn’t […]

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Me and my No. 4

Hi all, Over the past couple years I’ve visited this wonderful resource often and just wanted to go legit and introduce myself here. I found my No. 4 by pure coincidence two years ago deep in the warehouse of a folding carton plant where I worked in suburban Los Angeles. I had been in production, […]

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