Help ID parts from Vandercook No.2

Can anyone help identify these unattached parts that came along with my Vandercook 2 acquisition?

#1 appears to be a scraper of some kind. The “blade” looks replaceable & is not sharp.

#2 is a thin gauge painted metal plate with a bit of a lip or maybe paper guide along one edge, and a long screw on another end.

#3 shows no scale but is ~ 12″ long & 1″ thick, made of heavy steel.  Seems to be a clamp of some sort with 2 beveled clamps held in place by screws and 2 pins beneath these.

Also, does anyone know the purpose of the star wheel circled in this pic of the press? It’s missing on mine & I wonder what its function is.

Thanks to all for any assistance!

2 thoughts on “Help ID parts from Vandercook No.2

  1. Paul Moxon, Moderator - April 5, 2011

    To answer your final question: the star wheel, actually a knob, is an optional feature to control an eccentric mechanism for adjusting the height of a bed plate to transfer newspaper forms between a make up truck (aka turtle) and the press. Your press must not have been so equipped. See the sale sheet below.

  2. Eric Holub - April 1, 2011

    #1 is a tool for dressing Ludlow mats, but mine has a file rather than a scraper.
    #2 is the copyholder from a Ludlow cabinet.
    I don’t recognise #3, but it could have held another file for dressing mats.

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