I am looking for info on my Potter Press

I’ve had a Potter #2 for about 10 years. I’ve happily been doing small runs of woodcuts and engravings with it. Still I’d like to make it work like it once did. I’ve got some beat up grippers, but that’s the extent of it. I’m looking for information as to how these presses went together. I have questions, and possibly not all the parts. The parts I do have I don’t completely understand.  Anyone knowing a connection for information or parts, this would be appreciated.

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Paul Moxon, Moderator
11 years ago

Potter’s, as you may know, were made by three succeeding manufacturers: A.F. Wanner & Co. (1910-14), Hacker Mfg. (1914-31) and Challenge Machinery Corp (1931-35?). I have yet to locate any manual, parts list or catalog.

Potters’ were frequently advertised in The Inland Printer, with very clear illustrations. I have some posted on the old version of this site at https://vandercookpress.info/potter.html
There are 21 Potters in the census. I suspect that there are a few more yet to be counted.

I will ask some of the Potter owners I know to chime in. Meanwhile, please post a photo or two so that readers can see what you do have and discussion its condition and completeness.

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