No. 4 Tympan Bar lock plate

Hello Vandercookers… I have two tympan lock bars for a No. 4. No idea of what the real name for these are. They hold the typman to the Reel Rod. Both have one friction pin broken off. I am wondering if anyone has any thoughts on pressing the broken pin out of one, and then pressing the good pin out of the other and back into the bar to make one good one? Any ideas on how to safely doe this? Or do replacement pins exist, and can i just buy a replacement pin and press it in? Thanks

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The Arm NYC
2 days ago

I have one of these with a broken pin too. I am eager to hear if you find a viable solution.


Paul Moxon, Moderator

I’ve searched for these pins and haven’t found anything on the shelf. A machinist can fabricate.

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