Vandercook No.4 Pulley gaskets

Hello Vanderblogers, Wondering if anyone has had any luck changing gaskets in the belt driven Pulley that drives the ink drum on this press. and Paul, do gaskets exist? or is this a Paul Moxon has the spec’s available to order from McMaster Carr? any advice on changing these is appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Tony

yes i stole the image from boggs… thanks Jack.

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The Arm
1 year ago

koconnell- It is confusing but it looks like there is a Glyptal Red that is a paint and a Glyptol Red that is a brush-applied seal.

Does anyone else have info or insight on this? Are they the same thing?


1 year ago

In 2016 I had an issue with our Vandercook No 4 Speed Reducer: the spindle sheared. I have some photos from the disassembly. I did not see any gaskets (never there? missing? did they dissolve? can they dissolve?). It also seems that I never removed the part that drives the chain (does it have gaskets?).

Paul asked me if I had any insight, so I went back in time to find correspondence and any images I had on hand so see if I could shed light on something.

I sent off the NO. 4 speed reducer part which was repaired to a workable used condition by Fritz’s machinist (photo attached) . I fit the bearings back on with a little filing, lubrication and swearing, then reassembled the speed reducer, filled it with oil, put it back on the press, attached the pulley, belt and adjusted as needed. The belt is much looser now–I tightened it much less than before.

I printed on the press twice last week. It feels good and is much more quiet. The speed reducer is leaking oil which (I did overfill it a little), but I also think that paint and time was sealing the gear box shut, but when it was opened that seal broke. I am monitoring it for anything more serious. But, if you have any wisdom on sealing that back up I’m open to hearing it. Time to paint? Grease?

My comment, “I also think that paint and time was sealing the gear box shut, but when it was opened that seal broke.” and the note on the image Paul posted make me wonder if the gear box was indeed sealed shut with paint, specifically “Glyptol red to seal joints”.

For the record, the gear box still leaks oil. Will sealing my joints with Glyptol red fix the leaking oil? Are there gaskets?

IMG_3733 copy.jpg
Paul Moxon, Moderator

I haven’t replaced the seals on the pulley shaft, but will soon have a 219 NS Speed Reducer in the shop I can study. As is often the case, the parts drawing doesn’t tell us everything we want to know.

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