Non-operator side of Vandercook 4

I’m in search of a diagram or photos of the non operator side of a vandercook 4- specifically the mechanisms that catch and release the cylinder- the screws and parts keep loosening and occasionally bend- resulting in the cylinder not locking in place and the grippers not performing correctly. I’ll attach a few pics here . Any pics of yours or diagrams (not sure if there are any? my manual doesn’t have any. )
Thanks in Advance!- Pilar

4 thoughts on “Non-operator side of Vandercook 4

  1. Ernst Schaefer - November 10, 2021

    like paul said, take it off, take it apart. clean it, straighten it. i am wondering where this bend comes from?

  2. Paul Moxon, Moderator - November 8, 2021

    It appears to be assembled correctly, although the horizontal bolts must be tight. These loose bolts are likely what caused the bend to the bar. It will help to have the bar straightened. The cam (the wedge on the left) end of the bar is pushed out by a stepped block, visible in your photo under the bar. The stepped block is the last component of the pedal linkage. There should also be a spring behind the cam.

  3. pickwick - November 8, 2021

    the lower bar with the triangle (for lack of a better descriptor) on the side is the problem- it bends down, and all of the bolts loosen. I took it apart to clean it all and I must have done something wrong in putting it back together.

  4. Paul Moxon, Moderator - November 7, 2021

    There isn’t a good drawing of the carriage latch (aka cylinder check) in the No. 4 manual. This is why I have created a drawing in my maintenance book, which I’m sharing here. The principle is the same for most models, but the block and spring vary, although the screw is the same.

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