Universal I – Carriage Removal

Hi All,
I have a Universal I with adjustable bed – and need to move it into my studio. We haven’t been able to get the handle off … spent a day on that :( …. seized pin.
So – we are now considering taking off the carriage. Does anyone have advice? I assume I need to remove the two metal stops at the end of the rails? I don’t really understand if the adjustable bed makes things more complicated?

Thank you


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The Arm
2 years ago

Moxon’s advice on the pin removal is good. To it I would add the following.

1. Hold the pin in vice grips so you can keep your hand out of the way and strike it with confidence.
2. Be sure you are hitting the small side of the taper pin. It is always the bottom end.


Paul Moxon, Moderator
2 years ago

Before removing the carriage, try again to remove the hand crank,

Spray the taper pin with a penetrating oil, such as Kroil or PB Blaster.
Roll the carriage forward to reveal the small end of the taper pin and spray the taper pin again.
Strike the small end of the taper pin with a punch pin and a heavy hammer. I prefer a 3 lb. sledgehammer. A regular carpenters hammer is too light to direct the force.

An adjustable bed requires that the endplate be removed. What you call the two ends pieces is actually a single piece.
Remove the cover plate. then pry the endplate up
Mark the last gear tooth that engages the gear rack (track). This will help you re
Roll the carriage off the bed and set it on blocks so that the carriage bearings and the gripper lever are not stressed.
If possible use an engine hoist.

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