Nyliners too big for SP-15?

Dave Seat discovered that both our SP-15 presses were missing the outer bolts that hold the outer nyliners in place. We ordered new from NA Graphics, along with nyliners, but the nyliners are too big; the neck is too long to put two on the shaft. Instead of going to the hassle of returning, etc., Can we just cut them down to fit?

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Fritz Klinke
8 years ago

I’d rather sell 8 Nyliners over 4 any day, and then maybe I could consider going out for lunch with all the extra loot, but the SP-15 manual specifies one per roller core end, as well as all the pertinent blueprints specify one Nyliner. Two per core end is fine but not to specification. But then use of the manual, either in hand or looking at an on-line copy is always recommended. And I’d say maybe 50% of Vandercook owners who call me don’t have the appropriate manual, or it is lost, or it’s easier to ask Fritz. I do not knowingly sell the wrong part and when no Vandercook part number is specified, which is often the case, I go to the manual or blueprints to determine what is required.

The Arm
8 years ago

I also prefer the pairs. You want the flanges on both sides or the parts slowly destroy each other.

Paul Moxon, Moderator
8 years ago

Yes, the shank (neck)can be cut down. What you have is the original SP15 Vandercook spec nyliners (X-13123), but like Dave Seat, I prefer to use the shorter Nyliners (X-12023) used on the Nos. 3 and 4 that require eight of them.

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