In the Vandercook sp-15 manual it states the press should be set on synthetic rubber pads – with packing in order to correct any unevenness. Does anyone use these pads, if so what are they like – their depth for example – I can envisage something like a mouse mat.

John Christopher

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6 thoughts on “Rubber feet pads”

  1. The rubber pads Barbara describes are original Vandercook stock and I still have a good supply of them. I would think the press should be levelled before putting the pads under the legs.


  2. Some models have two adjusting feet at the right end of the press bed, but as Gerald points out rubber pads for the most common lighter models would prevent them from walking or moving forward. I have a commercial rubber door mat which keeps my No. 4 in place and prevents any excess oil from being a hazard. Hard rubber pads are available in most hardware stores. I would think that a mouse pad is too soft to be of use, but as always your mileage may vary.

  3. John

    I think you would want the pads for just about any Vandercook. They are hard rubber and a bit less than a quarter of an inch thick. The little circular rubber ink pads that Vandercook supplied for that goofy ink can dispenser are useful for minor adjustments.

    But, the rubber pads are useful. They keep vibration down, keep the press from walking, etc. Basically, any hard rubber, in various thicknesses, is going to do the job. I’ve acquired a lot of the Vandercook stuff over the years and use it as platforms for my computers, hard drives, etc.


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