SP-15 Motor Noise

Our newly acquired SP-15 has a very loud motor. Not sure if this is normal. We have a second SP-15 that is also loud, but not as bad as the newer one. I sometimes have to shout for my students to hear me. I received several suggestions to check/add oil, and we did that, but nothing changed. Is this normally a noisy motor? Is excessive noise a sign of something wrong? If it is normal, is there a way to dampen the noise, perhaps by adding insulation to the chamber that houses the motor, if that can be done without interfering with cooling? Thanks.

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Paul Moxon, Moderator
12 years ago

Removing the belt: There are four bolts that hold the motor onto a plate. The holes on this plate a slotted. Loosen the nuts on the underside and slide the motor toward the drum, which will cause the belt to slacken. You should then be able to walk the belt off the drum gear. If not, remove the socket head cap screws on each end of the drum and angle the operator’s side upward.

david brewer
12 years ago

As just another SP-15 owner, mine runs really quietly…..purrs like a kitten. I hope you find your problem,if you have one….and it’s solution…db

John Henry
12 years ago


It has been quite some time since I ran a SP-15, but is the noise from the motor itself or from the chain drive connecting the motor to the ink drum? If you disconnect the chain and the motor is noisy, that certainly isn’t normal.

If the chain is the problem, it probably is worn, dirty or not properly tensioned. Any or all of these things can make a sprocket-driven device noisy. Another thing to check is proper alignment of the drive pulleys. It could be that one of them has a loose setscrew which allows the sprocket pulley to vary in alignment, yet still turn with thew motor or drum shaft.

Just some things to check.

John Henry

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