SP-15 Trip issue

A student emailed me last night (I got the email this morning) that one of our SP-15s had stopped working in trip. The cylinder hits part of the trip mechanism and will not move. The cylinder moves fine in print. I cannot see any obstruction. Any help to a diagnosis appreciated.

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5 years ago

Katie, now that you have the mechanism freed up, make sure you put some real oil on it. WD-40 may be good for cleaning off dried lubricant and loosening seized parts, but most of it evaporates leaving a waxy film that is better at attracting dust than being a good long-term lubricant.

Paul Moxon, Moderator
5 years ago

The serial number for this press is 22182, this indicates that it has the original the cylinder trip design, with coil springs fitted over a shaft. Unfortunately to repair and replace requires a complete teardown of the carriage. I have dones this several times and have the replacement shaft and springs.

The later design with flat, leaf springs, wasn’t introduced until serial number 23925.

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