Reprex No 1, endguides and trip

I recently spent a day at Hazel & Violet in Phoenix but left there with two unfinished tasks:

This press is missing its end guides. The channel for the end guides are ⅝” wide × 1 1316” high × ½ deep. Can anyone confirm the specs and share a photo of their end guides?

2. When the print/trip lever is shifted to trip impression cylinder does not shift into trip during forward travel of the carriage. However, after the print stroke is complete, the cylinder will automatically shift into trip for the return travel. 

I think the bent rod visible in photos 3 and 4 is a factor if not the main problem. I hope that a Reprex operator can shed some light on this issue.




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Mike Day
5 years ago

Image of stop plate and carriage at end of bed. Light grey bar is a replacement fo original which was bent from use.

Mike Day
5 years ago

Lever and end of bed. Note we made a sttop for a short run print when the image did not need to go full travel to end of bed.

Mike Day
5 years ago

Home positoins

Mike Day
5 years ago

Photos showing cylinder in various positions, Stop bar at end of bed, Trip/Print lever and gripper stops. Which part do you need measurements from? I think the stop plate was made and is not original but before my time. Vertical bar (lighter grey color) is machine shop replacement. Original was bent enough to effect trip.print.

Lee Asbeck
5 years ago

When the Reprex is at the feed board the cylinder is already in print mode instead of in trip mode like a Vandercook. To set the Reprex to trip from print at the feed board you must flip the trip/print lever to trip and manually move the cylinder to trip with the large lever that sticks above the back side of the carriage. To return the press to print you move the Trip/Print lever to print then roll the carriage forward until you hear two click sounds and then return the carriage to the feed board and it will move the lever on the back of the carriage to print. You can manually switch between print and trip at any point on the bed by moving the lever on the back of the press.

My press and it seems many of the Reprexs are missing the end guides I can post photos of the end guides I made for it latter when I am in the shop.

Mike Day
5 years ago

I will go up to the college and take some photos. I believe we had to make a new piece for the stop and we made another for making shorter press instead of full length. We also have the same problem with the trip. We never could fix it and use print only. Hard to explain but it sticks and you have to manually move the lever to trip position. Let me take some photos.
Mike Day
Foothill Press

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