Uneven inking on #4 (see pin question)

Thanks to all who have advised on my previous  thread.

I’d like to go back to my original problem, as it still persists despite new rollers, and that is/was uneven inking over the bed of the press, lengthwise. I had a form set up with two plates, one close to the grippers, and the other about 8.5 inches  away from the grippers. The front part printed fine, while the back was light, despite raising the impression on the packing and even putting a bit of tape under the plate. I was printing red ink, about .5” square. This is still happening, despite new rollers. I was reluctant to add ink for fear of overinking. I’m thinking of reprinting, doing it as 4 runs instead of two (two colors involved in the whole print job) putting all plate close to the grippers. Any other ideas? Thanks.

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Gerald Lange
16 years ago

Based on the information tendered in the back and forth of these two threads, I’d suggest you have your cylinder bearings adjusted by a competent press mechanic.

If control over inking/impression is being lost down the length of the bed, and the obvious other suspects have been considered, bearing adjustment is likely the answer.

The Arm
16 years ago

Hello Katie,
Are you printing on a Boxcar base?
Have you made sure that there is nothing on the bed of the press that would keep the base from sitting flat?
Have you leveled the press on the floor? Is there any abnormal wear to the bearers?
Is your cylinder packing tight, consistent and in good shape?
Are both plates made of the same stock?

I could go on, but that’s already a lot of questions!

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

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