Vandy 4 drum Chain rattle & distributer roller pause

Hello friends
I have 2 issues I could use some help with:

1. the chain from ink drum to motor is gaining rattle and seems to have some slack (perhaps from the two rags that have gotten caught in the last decade? i’m not sure if the rattle is getting worse, or just bothering me more) so in an effort to nudge the speed reducer to tighten the chain, I’ve loosened the 3 top bolts and 1 infront of the speed reducer but it’s not budging! is there something i’m missing? or is there another way to fix this rattle?

2. When at home position when inking up the press, the front distributer roller pauses momentarily after a rotation or two, and then continues to pause every few rotations when at home. It moves smoothly when printing/tripping. If I squeeze the top and bottom handles together, I can usually get the ink to distribute faster/, but can’t seem to figure out how to get it to stop pausing- I’ve nudged the plates (unsure the name of them) that sit between the rods, back and forth, which seems to work temporarily…are there other adjustments I could make?

Thanks in advance!

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The Arm
8 months ago

Can you please check that the top of your ink drum has not dropped at one end? It should be slightly above the bearers and even on both ends. If the inner bushing has failed, it can cause extra slack in the chain and erratic behavior in driving the rest of the rollers.


Paul Moxon, Moderator
8 months ago

Both of these are common issues of the No. 4.

Speed Reducer. Yes, moving it away from the bed can take up the slack in the chain. The top screws will loosen the slotted motor bracket but keep in mind that the motor and speed reducer together weigh more than 50 lbs. and may need some encouragement to move. Place scrap wood against the base of the bracket on the feed board side. Then hit the wood with a hammer.

The two screws designed to move the speed reducer are not shown in the operator’s manual, so I’ve highlighted their locations:

  1. The outer screw has a hex head and instead of a hole, there’s a slot. How much is visible will determine whether the speed reducer can be moved.
  2. The inner one is a slotted screw and is difficult to access, but can be done without moving the feed board. I would spray a penetrating oil, then loosen it with a 5/16″ stubby screwdriver.

After the screws are loosened. the speed reducer may still need some encouragement to move. Place scrap wood against the base of the speed reducer on the feed board side. Then hit the wood with a hammer.

Front distributer roller. (“Rider Roller” in the operator’s manual) The two main possibilities:

  1. A bent tie rod can prevent the whole frame from being parallel to the rubber rollers.
  2. One or both bushings on the ends of the rider roller have broken or slipped into the steel tube which makes the rider rotate eccentrically on the tie rod and hang lower on one side.

A third co-morbid possibility (and the least favorite of printers everywhere):
The rollers are not in spec. The rubber diameter should be 2.50″ and the durometer A20-25.

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