Vandercook Centenary Print Bundle

Invitation Closed–goal reached– wait list established. This is the official invitation to participate in the Vandercook Centenary Print Bundle, a limited edition exchange of letterpress prints celebrating the first one hundred years of Vandercook proof presses (1909-2009). The goal is to exchange one hundred prints between one hundred Vandercook operators. Please pledge your commitment to […]

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Edward J. Nolan

Edward J. Nolan (1907-1983) was an RIT-trained engineer who founded both the Nolan Corporation, maker of Nolan proof presses, and later the United States Forge and Foundry Co., the maker of Reprex proof presses. The Nolan Corp., based in Rome, NY, made composing room and bindery equipment for the newspaper industry. They also built food […]

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Dear members and guests: please note that I sometimes edit post titles and topic categories to more accurately reflect content and to improve the relevance of archive searches. Also, please continue to send me data for the various press censuses: Vandercooks, Asbern, Challenge, Reprex, etc. Model name Serial number (and year, e.g. Asbern) Owner (Press […]

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