Edward J. Nolan

Edward J. Nolan (1907-1983) was an RIT-trained engineer who founded both the Nolan Corporation, maker of Nolan proof presses, and later the United States Forge and Foundry Co., the maker of Reprex proof presses. The Nolan Corp., based in Rome, NY, made composing room and bindery equipment for the newspaper industry. They also built food […]

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Dear members and guests: please note that I sometimes edit post titles and topic categories to more accurately reflect content and to improve the relevance of archive searches. Also, please continue to send me data for the various press censuses: Vandercooks, Asbern, Challenge, Reprex, etc. Model name Serial number (and year, e.g. Asbern) Owner (Press […]

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R.O. Vandercook

Robert Oatman Vandercook, (1866–1951), was the founder of the pre-press equipment company that bore his name. His interest in printing began when he was ten years old. It was claimed that in high school he built his first press on which he printed the school paper.* While a student at Northwestern University (class of 1888), […]

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E.O. Vandercook

Edward Oatman Vandercook (1897–1985) was the eldest son of company founder R.O. Vandercook. After discharge from the military in 1918, he along with his brothers Fred and Dave began working for their father. The elder Vandercook retired by 1940 and E.O. Vandercook, who was general manager, became president and headed the company until it was […]

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