Worm Crescent Special

Fritz Klinke and NA Graphics just announced a new shipment of Vandercook crescents (CS-23) for oscillator worm gears. Normally $41.00 each, NA is offering a special sale price of three crescents for $100.00. He has named this deal after me as I have been telling students and clients for years to have spare crescents on hand for […]

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325G For Sale in Denver

Private seller offering a Vandercook 325G for $11,000. Rollers are 3 years old, excellent condition. Equipped with ink fountain, custom-made photopolymer magnetic base,  Blanchard ground to be flat. Several backup plates. A 325 was a newspaper proof press. This one is hand cranked and instead of a motor and ink drum the rollers (behind the carriage […]

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Vandercooks vs Earthquakes

Recently, while in California, I was asked about the best way to secure Vandercooks to prevent their movement during an earthquake. I hadn’t given any thought to this before. The facilities head at one institution doesn’t want to bolt them to the concrete floor, and faculty wants to be able to move them around the studio as needed. […]

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Patience, Please

My apologies to all new and longtime registrants who have experienced difficulty logging in to vanderblog. When not travelling for workshops and press tune ups, I have been testing anti registration-bot plugins (apps) to rid this site of fake email accounts attempting to register. This is a war that runs hot and cold, but never seems to end. […]

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The Printers’ Album

The Printers’ Album was the house organ of the Challenge Machinery Company. It featured articles on the business of printing, equipment manufacturing, production tips and tricks, and display ads for Challenge products. The five covers that are shown here from 1925–26 are among the best and illustrate some of their manufacturing processes. The magazine began […]

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Spring Cleaning 2016

Vanderblog is undergoing a server upgrade. The technical issues are being sorted out. Although the old theme (layout) is no longer supported, rest assured that posts and comments have not been affected and remain searchable. This structural upgrade gives the administrator, yours truly, the opportunity to add functions to better serve the proof press community. I welcome your comments.

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