Vand Men

This photograph shows former Vandercook Vice President Bill Critchlow (4th from left) and his sales team. Vandercook had become a division of Illinois Tool Works in 1968. Several of these names appear on the serial number/model cards held by NA Graphics. Critchlow is married to E.O. Vandercook’s daughter Lynn. Joe Koyak (3rd from left) was […]

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Arizona Rising

Recently, I spent six fun, but exhausting Vandercook-filled days in Tuscon. While there I tuned up a 215 at Chax press (at left) and a non-motorized SP15 at Heather Greene’s private studio. I then taught three workshops, gave an evening lecture at the University of Arizona and worked on four Vandercooks in the new book […]

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Louis Flader

Today’s Vandercook operators may know that most models were designed to meet the needs of the bygone photoengraving industry. A central figure of that industry was the German-born American Louis Flader (1877-1963): technician, labor leader, executive and author. As editor of Photo-Engravers Bulletin he wrote the articles “Story of a Visit to the New Vandercook […]

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F.R. Vandercook

This day in 1903 saw the birth of Frederick Robert Vandercook. The youngest son of company founder R.O. Vandercook, he was CFO when it was sold to Illinois Tool Works in 1968. Little is known about F.R. Vandercook, his name appears on nine U.S. patents, but he seems to have not written for publication. Longtime […]

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