New SP-15 issue

We were able to kinda-sorta fix the SP 15 belt slipping by installing a new belt. Now there is a new issue: there is a knocking or clunking sound when all the rollers are in contact (the down position). We checked for things like a loose gear on the back form roller; it is ok. Also checked the drum cylinder for being out of round; it checked out true. However, when we removed the cover, we noticed that there is a lot of play in the drum cylinder; it seems to bounce up and down. The other SP-15 is immovable. Any ideas? Thanks.

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Paul Moxon, Moderator
12 years ago

The ink drum is supported by springs (X-20771) and is designed to move to ease the contact with the form rollers. The springs on the other press may be clogged or broken.

The knocking sound could be the lateral movement of roller cores (fix by moving the collar (X-6705) closer to the bearing block); a bent or loose Friction finger (X-23723) bouncing against the drum; a fragment of the wood drum bushings rattling around inside; the pushed-down drum contacting the wash-up blade, or …

Can you upload video?

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