Recasting Rollers

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In a few days we’ll be sending out the cores for our SP15 and SP20 form rollers to be recast. Would it be a good idea to have them recast at a slightly larger diameter (perhaps 2.51 inches for the SP15 and 3.01 inches for the SP20) to make them last a little longer, or will this have a negative consequence?


4 thoughts on “Recasting Rollers

  1. Fritz Klinke - February 25, 2011

    It is original Vandercook specs. Rubber rollers shrink a little bit the first year or so after manufacture. And .030 diameter is .015 actual increase on the surface of the roller and that’s really immaterial.

  2. Paul Moxon, Moderator - February 23, 2011

    So, this need not be a concern of the customer?

  3. Eric Holub - February 23, 2011

    Is that overwork a standard practice among roller makers?

  4. Fritz Klinke - February 23, 2011

    The general rule is to add .030″ to the base diameter of 2.500″ and 3.000″, and that is primariy to allow for shrinkage that will happen the first year with any synthetic rubber roller, and these are original Vandercook specifications. Measurements are always to 3 decimal points.


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