SP-15 Trip/Print blocked

We’ve been working on cleaning up our  SP-15 in the new UAFS Letterpress Shop. I took the motor cover off to clean a large pile of old ink next to the drum roller. After putting everything back in place, now the Trip/Print lever is stuck in PRINT. Doesn’t matter if the cylinder is in home position or not. I have  a couple of pics showing the trip lever arms on both the operator and motor side. The trip lever arm can be moved manually on the operator side, but not on the motor side. Let me know if different views would be more helpful.

5 thoughts on “SP-15 Trip/Print blocked

  1. Katie Harper - November 23, 2010

    We successfully fixed this problem by ungunking (is that a word?) all the ink blocking the various parts of the mechanism. Thanks. I’m going to post a new problem with the form roller adjustment knobs.

  2. The Arm NYC - November 23, 2010

    Are the pins that pass through the sides of the press to actuate the mechanism on the cylinder assembly moving freely? I’ve seen those pins get stuck and the lever not move well. Maybe give them a blast of WD-40 and try pushing them in and out without the lever, then try the lever.

    Daniel Morris
    The Arm Letterpress
    Brooklyn, NY

  3. Paul Moxon, Moderator - November 22, 2010

    Clean the X-20510 arm at the pivot screw.

  4. Katie Harper - November 22, 2010

    The spring is there and is ok, apparently, but I will check further. 20804 is lined up and contacting 20510. I can move 20804 manually side to side, but the opposite arm, the one by the motor, will not move at all, manually or otherwise. Thanks for posting this pic. It is MUCH clearer than the overly photocopied image in my manual.

  5. Paul Moxon, Moderator - November 22, 2010

    It could be that the ARS-5 spring is stretched or missing. Or that the trip arm x-20804 is not contacting trip arm X-20510.

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