Hoe Proof Press

Here’s a vintage full page advertisement for a Hoe flatbed cylinder proof press from The British Printer, January-February 1933 (vol. XLV, no. 269, page 49). Hoe & Co. Ltd. was the London subsidiary of the New York printing equipment manufacturer R. Hoe & Co. Established in 1827, the parent company is remembered for their Washington-style iron handpress, but […]

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A.F. Wanner

Andrew Franklin Wanner (1855–1935) was a typefounder and the proprietor of A.F. Wanner & Co. a printing supplier and press manufacturer in Chicago. Today the company is remembered as the original maker of Potter and Poco proof presses. It was also one of the earliest selling agents for Vandercook. In 1867, Wanner moved to Chicago […]

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Horace W. Hacker

Horace Wardner Hacker (1879–1968) was the founder of the Hacker Manufacturing Co. in Chicago, which made plate gauges, and test presses that featured reciprocating beds with stationary carriages. Hacker held 14 U.S. Patents for various gauges and press mechanisms (and four later patents unrelated to printing). Like R.O. Vandercook, he was a proponent of pressroom […]

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R.L. Pelland

Raymond Louis Pelland (1893-1977) was a draftsman and design engineer at Vandercook from at least 1935 to 1947. His name appears on many assembly drawings and on four U.S. Patents including the large 4-color 604. (His first was a tie stitching machine for a previous employer). During World War I, Pelland was a private in […]

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