Problem with new SP-15 rollers

Sorry to start a new post on this topic but could not successfully add a photo to previous comments.

I have the new rollers back on the press. They are still showing the same problem of streaking ink, but it seems somewhat less extreme this time. The front roller is taking the ink better than the back roller. Previously, the oscillating roller was making quite an unusual clanking sound when it returned to the operator’s side, but that has now diminished quite a bit and it’s much quieter. I have alot of ink on the press, more than I’m used to needing. I’ve oiled the roller shafts, worked the ink and have the heat cranked up so the pressroom is very warm. Here is a photo of the full rollers lowered onto the ink drum.

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Paul Moxon, Moderator
10 days ago

Let’s recap:

  • form rollers are new and in spec
  • form roller gear aligns with the gear rack
  • bearing blocks serviced
  • roller height set with .918 gauge
  • bed is .918 or .968 with a .050 flat bedplate
  • form is .918

You said you worked the ink? Did you stiffen with magnesium carbonate?

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