Two Vandercook presses spotted online for sale

In case anyone is interested and had not seen them. A no.1 And an SP-15 I wonder what the going price will be on each.

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Vandercook ‘The British’ for sale

Hi all, i posted a while ago asking about my 4C MK2 (serial 6453/4) Vandercook press.  Just like to say thanks heaps to all who commented and gave me info on the machine, I really did appreciate it. However, it all seemed too hard so I have listed it on ebay (australia) this week. […]

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Vandercook #3 for Sale!

I am selling my beloved press! I have come to a very difficult decision, but have decided to sell my Vandercook. It is in excellent, excellent condition. It needs no work at all. Hardly any rust. Cylinder, rails, bed and rollers all in good shape. It has a delivery tray behind the carriage which makes […]

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