SP15 mis-registration

Dear Paul, I shouldn’t think you remember me as it must be over 15 years ago I sought your advice with regards to my Vandercook SP15 serial #22245 – there was a suspected broken spring. I dismantled the carriage, cleaned it up, re-greased it and put the press back together again! I obviously set up […]

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Censuses Updated

Dutch designer, printer, and press mechanic Thomas Gravemaker recently supplied a list of European-made cylinder proof presses known to him. This has allowed me to increase and update the Asbern, Korrex, and Vandercook censuses and to add two new censuses for Eickhoff and Grafix presses. Please review and let me know if you have any […]

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No. 4 Trip/Print screws

Hello! Just beginning my Vandercook journey and bringing a recently acquired No. 4 back (I hope!) to working, and I’ve been working on getting the trip/print mechanism to engage properly. The earlier posts on this issue have been incredibly helpful. I think I’ve narrowed the problem down to the fact that the sheet metal bracket […]

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